What is an EST?
Environmentally Sound Technology (EST) is a technology that: protects the environment; pollutes less; uses resources in a more sustainable manner; looks to recycle its own wastes and products; handles residual wastes.
What is ESTIS?
ESTIS is an Information System (IS) management tool to assist the transfer of ESTs. ESTIS encompasses two integrated components providing a decentralised IT network for improved access and local control in EST related information transfer.
Who is it for?
Administrators and decision-makers in local authorities, institutions, NGOs and communities.
• What do we want to achieve with ESTIS and how do we want plan to achieve it?
• Where did the needs assessment for ESTIS originate from?
• Who can apply to generate a database through ESTIS Builder and how?
What is ESTIS Builder?
· Allows users to build their own customised Web site to manage and publish their EST information on the Internet.
· ESTIS is a free service for members. To become a member please complete the application form.